After a few years in Preliminary Aircraft Design at Lockheed (very fun), I garnered some good talents in software.  So I quit Lockheed and took 2.5 years to develop some software to compete with Lockheed and I was quite successful.  So at 32 years old, I bought a nice condo in a prestigious city with a 300° unobstructed view from the President of Teledyne.  It overlooked Long Beach Harbor, LA, Malibu, the Channel Islands, and Catalina.  (This plays into the FLUP)  Times change and I moved to Texas to work for Bell for 11 years and started enjoying Keller.  In 2001 the V-22 suffered its second crash in 3 months and killed 26 good Marines, so the V-22 was grounded, never to be resurrected.  In a hail-Mary attempt, the Marines asked for 12 of Bell’s best engineers to redesign the problematic nacelle that had been in design for 24 years, but they had just 37 days to do it.  I was part of that team and the redesign focused on some very sporty doors that I designed with the help of an ace stress analyst (John Howard, left of me below).  The custom sensor latches were patented in this $42M program and the V-22 returned to the air much to the surprise of everyone.  Few people are as blessed as I am to have a project like that in their career. 
















However, that project was done while I was finishing 22 months of daily to weekly high dose experimental chemo (up to 8x the normal dose) after a tainted transfusion (I am hemophilic which is another challenge).  Later I returned to Lockheed to design the IPP Bay on the F35 and then to Vestas Technology Research and Development designing new generation wind turbines.  I was Sr. Engineer in a staff of 66 engineers, 63 of which were PhD!  I submitted more patents than anyone except the directors.  My favorite patent (Grid Energy Storage and Load Leveling) is linked below.  It was a heady, wonderful time with some fantastic people, but Obama and Congress (as usual for the government) screwed up a good thing and let the Production Tax Credit lapse for 9 months because they were hungry for money from lobbyists.  So year over year sales for the entire US wind turbine industry dropped 80% and US turbine manufacturers largely closed operations.  Vestas laid off 3000+ people in the US.  This gave Chinese manufacturers a tremendous foothold which they now maintain.  Sad.  If you see a pattern, I tend to dive deeply into projects with great capability, work heartily and get excellent results.


The city I used to live in, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA was a nice city, similar to Westlake in affluence.  Shortly before I left, there was a City Council election for two seats, just as we are entering now.  There were 6 candidates for the two open seats and each candidate spent an average of $156,000 on their campaign for these two non-paying Council seats (I spent $1488 on my first election in Keller).  Rancho Palos Verdes (a city of now 42,000) was in a phase where it was under pressure from developers to create a substantial amount of apartments and high density building (sound familiar?).  Zoning has historically been a focal point for profit and corruption.  I want to keep that out of Keller as much as possible.  Now the median household income is below that of Keller’s.  What a sad turn of events for a truly blessed, beautiful area.  A couple of pics of RPV, circa 1990 are below.



On a personal side, a few months after I bought the condo, I followed my studies and went on an archeological dig in Qumran, Israel, in the West Bank, a short walk from the Jordanian border for 5 weeks.  There, we found a jar of oil that was, after a year of intensive analysis, confirmed to be one of the 24 jars of Holy Anointing Oil made by Moses and Aaron and described in Exodus 30:22-38.  Later, over 900 lbs of Temple Incense was found by our team there as well.  Work was hard, hot (up to 124° one day!) and dangerous.  If you note a recurring theme, whether personal or professional, I have a habit and history of doing the research, putting in the sweat and hard work and coming up with results.











Two of my goals for retirement are to:

  • Market my patent because it can save a HUGE amount of energy and reduce CO2 production; and

  • File 2 more patents that I have waiting ; and

  • Go back to finish the next step in the dig in Israel which is open the tomb of Zadok, the High Priest of David and Solomon. The Copper Scroll lists many wonderful things in that cave and I’ve dug out the stairwell into that tomb. BTW, this work must be done by Gentiles, not Jews. Rav Shlomo Goren, the late Chief Rabbi of Israel was extremely supportive of this dig, but he did not allow Jews on our dig because of Amos 9:12 (so we were not Gentiles meddling in Jewish business).

I am not rich monetarily, but I manage reasonable assets well.  My integrity is worth far more than any bribe could ever be.  I am open to opinions, but steadfast to my values.  Safety, Integrity and Intelligence are my top three values.  But I don’t vote on just what I want.  I try diligently to find out what you want and then I do my best to make that happen.

Patent on Grid Energy Storage & Load Leveling

Rancho Palos Verdes circa 1990

Here is a shot of the Anointing Oil with hands still dirty. Pretty amazing. Made by Moses & Aaron.

To see it now, you have to go to the Shrine of the Book Museum in Jerusalem.

I worked mostly in the large cave on the left.  The column between the caves contains the tomb of Zadok, the high priest of David & Solomon. I want to go back and finish the work.

I excavated the stairwell into that tomb, but then a cave-in occurred.

Same area now.

There was a lot of speculation about whether Councilpersons could have received money for these high density zonings.

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