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Debbie Bryan’s opponent says that she “decimated a 34 acre park with 5,000 trees”.  Fact check please!  He is referring to the Gean Estates north of the high school.  That was Ms Bryan’s most notable work of helping neighbors who objected to a downzoning next to them.

The truth is that the developer had initially proposed on July 28, 2014 high density housing (115 homes with most having 12,000 sq ft min lots) on the property which was zoned for low density 36,000 and the neighbors vehemently opposed this high density.  34 letters of opposition to the high density development were received by the City.  But neighbors had almost never successfully opposed a proposed development in Keller because the State defined process is confusing and initially only 11% of the neighbors (as shown below) were successful in signing opposition according to State law.

Debbie Bryan was invited to speak at a meeting of upset neighbors and she then educated / empowered the neighbors about how to exercise their recourse according to State law.  Then the neighbors within the 200’ boundary nearly unanimously opposed the high density proposed down-zoning.  That forced a super majority (6 out of 7 votes) on Council for approval and obviously, that developer proposal failed.

Then the developer came back (Feb 3, 2015) with another version of a development exceeding zoning density.  This proposal took the land that was to be dedicated to the city and created a new boundary for the PD (Planned Development) that excluded 200' of the land that they were going to dedicate to the city (park - hatched area below).  That outrageously isolated enough of the objecting neighbors from exercising their rights to object per State law!  It took away the voice of the people that the State gave them to defend their homes!

Finally, the Gean Estates is being built according to zoning and the neighbors’ wishes, largely due to the efforts of Debbie Bryan and many other volunteers (aka “Special Interest”?). 

Debbie Bryan’s opponent blames every fault of the development including allegedly lagging sales on Debbie Bryan.  Note: She is not GOD.  She does not change the fact that most of the lots don’t have trees and they are close to the noise of the high school and have traffic issues.  Mayor Pro Tem Bryan’s role in this was to empower residents to oppose the developer according to State law and the HOMEOWNERS WERE SUCCESSFUL.  Debbie helped the homeowners.


Who do you want to represent you on Council?  Someone who helps homeowners,

or someone who has voted against the FLUP and homeowners 17 times in favor of developers?

Debbie Bryan's opponent treats developers like

"Resistance is Futile!"

"Assimilation is inevitable!"


Debbie has demonstrated that Homeowners' Rights are Paramount! 

Now what about those "5000 decimated trees"?

Hmmm.  The aerial photo (below left) shows very few trees on the land to be developed, and the photo on the right shows the area the developer intended to develop (treeless).

Actually in 2014 the developer said to 3 Councilpersons that the east side "was just too expensive to develop".

So how many trees really were decimated?  --  Uh, very few. 

It's unbelievable the garbage the haters come up with. 

So we see that accurate facts don’t agree with the haters.   

9 houses are completed and 6 more lots have been sold.  Development is progressing nicely and the neighbors are happy.

Also, did you know that Keller currently has 135 acres of undeveloped park land?  The only thing holding back development of those parcels into parks are your tax dollars!  It's expensive to maintain and develop park land.

It is very nice to get park land "dedicated to the city", but Keller should not acquire park land at the expense of the neighbors or convenience of the developer.  Keller was and is wise with your tax dollars.

Debbie Bryan's opponent also slams her for her support of the Dent Tennis Academy in every slurrious way. 


Did you know that 77% of the neighbors of Rocky Top (according to State formula) SUPPORT or are ok the Dent Tennis Academy?  It's only a shrill vocal minority that is causing this terrible division in Keller.  As Brian Campbell said to one potential referendum signer,

                       "I don't have any problem with the Tennis. 
                         It's City Council I don't like!"

This is a personal agenda.  Brian even used the Tennis Academy as a Feature in selling his house!!  Here is a link to Brian's MSL listing doing so.  Do you know that supporting neighbors created and presented their own petition to the Council as well as writing favorable emails?  This is not common!  (Usually, Council hears only from people who are complaining.)  

Debbie is once again, supporting the majority of the residents' wishes, that is to have the Dent Tennis Academy come to Keller and bless us with tax relief.

Recent news is Mayor Pat McGrail answered a question about his position on the Economic Development Incentive for the Birch Tennis Academy at the Keller Breakfast Club on Wed, April 18th.  As background, Pat voted for it at the Economic Development Board meeting July 17th, saying among other things, it's no more a private club than the Moviehouse & Eatery.  Then, 2 days before the end of Brian Campbell's referendum signature campaign, a post appeared on Pat's web site alleging to be from him describing a 180° turn in position and 387 people signed in response. 

Gratefully, Pat publically reiterated his support
IN FAVOR of the Birch incentive.

Please vote Against Prop A.

(deny the denial)

I have written many articles on the fantastic benefits of The Birch Tennis Academy.  Please see:

The NERVE of the developers!!!

Trying to take away homeowners' rights!!

(The boundary of the Planned Development defines the boundary for notices)

I, Eric Schmidt, City Council, Place 3, wrote this web page so that the people of Keller could know a small part of the GREAT things that Mayor Pro Tem Bryan does for Keller residents.  Please vote for:

Selflessness, Tenacity, Wisdom, Helpful Heart & more

Please vote for Debbie Bryan.

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