Having a city council member like Eric Schmidt has made a huge difference to us. Any concerns we have had from safety to property issues have been addressed by him in such a positive manner. Eric has an ear for the Keller citizens and truly cares for our needs.

We moved to Keller approximately eight years ago after having a horrible experience in a neighboring town. Our new home we searched for and purchased upon arriving in the Metroplex from a lifetime residency in Lubbock was our forever dream. Within a year, the developers of our area (with their city council approval) dropped the restrictions, lowered home prices to build and own in the development and our home value dropped over $100,000.  Upon selling at a significant loss, we moved to Keller. We have watched in dismay as developers have moved in and begun the system manipulation and the play with the citizens and the city council.

We stand behind Eric Schmidt for re-election on our City Council.  In spite of those who state untruths about his service (perhaps they are simply not truly informed or have a financial or personal tie to an entity or business), please delve deeply and learn about the Eric Schmidt whom we have grown to deeply respect.

Richard and Judy Hunter
1432 Mount Gilead Road
Keller, Texas. 76262
Kevin Archer

Friend from church, business partner 10 years, Keller property owner, CPA, former Southlake Chamber of Commerce, former Pres Southlake Rotary, commercial real estate manager;


Dear Citizens of Keller:


I am honored to endorse Eric Schmidt for Keller City Council Place 4.  I have known Eric for over ten years, and know him as a citizen who truly cares about his community.


As a property owner in Keller, I want a Council Member who puts what is best for the City ahead of personal or business conflicts.   Eric Schmidt is that person.


Keller is too special of a community to be “railroaded” by developers and special interest.  The City is facing long-term decisions that could “handcuff” the City both in terms of financial commitments and quality of life.


We do not need to become a high density and high traffic community that will cause gridlock and remove our way of life.


Eric Schmidt is not afraid to “roll up his shirt sleeves” and go to work for the great Citizenry of Keller.



Kevin W. Archer

Phyllis Holton

Unconditional Supporter (Mom)

In Sept '14, I quit my job as head of Flight Test Design to take care of her when she downsized and her back went out.  I stayed with her in VA while she was bedridden for 5 months waiting for a minor surgery that got her up and around.  In January, we brought the second moving truck and 3 cars from the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway in Roanoke, VA to Keller. She is now a Texan!

Lek and Family at Sea Siam

Keller needs great restaurants like this!

940 Keller Pkwy. (next to the Kroger slated to close)  817-431-1581

Best Thai food you'll get anywhere and really attractive prices.  Sea Siam is the kind of small business owners that Keller needs.  Their tiny powerhouse restaurant generated $20,000 of sales tax revenue for Keller in 2015.


Pet & Companion


Doesn't get any cuter or sweeter.



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