Dear Keller taxpayers,

Below is a review of the FLUP, version 5 Jan 14, 2019.  Don't miss the analysis of the projected buildout at the bottom of this page.


This FLUP is in my opinion, a complete, unmitigated disaster.  It is a complete capitulation to developers.   It invites in several THOUSAND condos, townhomes, and "brownstones".  It desperately needs to be drastically changed if it is to reflect the Public Input that residents so diligently gave:

The FLUP documents the Public Input well.  The section below the yellow highlight documents that.

But the changes in planning it supports is 180° away from the vast majority of the Public Input we strove so hard to achieve.  Please see the bottom of this page for the FLUP's conclusions that are so diametrically opposed to what residents said they want for Keller.

If you want to download this terrible, developer-driven FLUP, you can do it (Jan 9th, 2019 ver) here:

Exceedingly Important:

The State of TX gives us clear guidance that a city's FLUP should be a vision for the future of the city STRICTLY FROM THE CITIZENS OF THE CITY.  It should be a vision from "the citizens in the community, and not the staff, consultants, committees, or elected and appointed officials who prepared it." 





Got it?  Staff and consultant didn't.  Look at this video clip from the Jan 14 Planning and Zoning Commission meeting.   Commissioner Sagar was pushing the FNI consultant, Wendy Shabay, to answer her question about where "Mixed Use" came from.  Why was "Mixed Use" added to the FLUP since it was not a significant part of the desires of the Public Input.  After much dodging of the question, she answered twice that Mixed Use was added "as a result of talking with a lot of developers." 

FLUP document, Page 7, Executive Summary:

FLUP document, Residential Lot Size comparison, pg 14:

The errors above also significantly overstate the very valued large lots in Keller, giving the appearance they are more prevalent than they are. So if we are going to protect the large lot open space the people overwhelmingly desire, we should start by correctly stating how much there is left to protect.  Second, recognize that the current FLUP has a minimum lot size of 12,000 sq ft and in 1998 and it was 15,000 sq ft.  Smaller lots were created at the direction of Council, but the people, via the FLUP, wanted larger lots, at least around them even if they didn’t live on them.  David Hawkins, former Dir of Planning for Keller, wrote in an email that 70% of the addresses in Keller were high density.  Whether using David’s numbers or the top chart, most of the addresses in Keller are currently high density.  Notably, in the latest version of the FLUP, 

FLUP document, Existing Land Uses, pg 15.

FLUP document, Visions for Keller, pg 23:

FLUP document, Community Visioning  Pg 25:

Pg 25:

The following very important page was in the Dec 7th version but was removed from the Jan 7th version!

The omission of this important public input map does not decrease the perceived developer bias of the City's consultant, Freese & Nichols.

FLUP document, Community Visioning, pg 28:

Community Visioning, pg 32:

Virtually all the tables in the FLUP have percentages that add up to nonsense.

Community Visioning, pg 33:

Economic Development, pg 35:

Table 6 on page 47 is an important table because it presents the projected ultimate buildout of Keller, but there is SO much WRONG with it!!  The projected population estimate of Mixed Use is off by about 4x too low, and it eliminates every lot over 1.65 acres, breaking each one into pieces!  Some on the Task Force want to simply delete this table because the numbers are so wrong.  I disagree because what is a FLUP document without projections of where these policies will take us?  


No need to read the whole document.  Just see that a Projected Ultimate Buildout is presented with some verbiage and a table that has very incorrect data.

Let's focus on the top & bottom lines.

This is wild. This table is saying that Mixed Use will ultimately increase the population of Keller by 3074 people, a 7% increase.  Not ideal, but possibly palatable.  But what if the effect of Mixed Use added over 12,000 people?  I wrote that F&N (consultants) allocated 444 acres on the map for Mixed Use.  We all know that not all that 444 acres would be built as Mixed Use.  This table is saying that F&N is assuming that only 194 acres (44%) would actually be built as Mixed Use, but how many people does that 194 acres add?  Then there are obvious errors such as:

  • Persons Per Household of .97.   Ie, every Mixed Use housing unit is filled with exactly 1.0 people.  No couples or families. Any bias or disinformation here?

  • DUA of .4 acres per dwelling (equals 2.5 acres per dwelling in Mixed Use).

  • Occupancy Rate of 16?It’s a percentage.The number has to be less than or equal to 1.

I believe these  obvious errors are intentionally hiding some less obvious conclusions of this table.  I generated the following spreadsheet to try and calculate better numbers for the Ultimate Buildout:

Numbers in black are unmodified.  Numbers in red are modified.  Footnotes explain and provide formulas.  Notice that this estimates 12,221 new residents in the Mixed Use alone (if the buildout follows the Arthouse baseline and other assumptions).


To have such egregious errors in such a sensitive area as the Mixed Use which goes against the vast majority of the Public Input is more than problematic.  Far more.

Here is where it gets far more interesting:  

The table above says that there are 551.7 acres of R-36 zoned land in Keller that is vacant.  

This is what 551.7 acres of vacant R-36 land in Keller looks like. 

That's 21 times the size of Rocky Top!

From this, 497 housing units of 1 acre will be built?  (That's what the above table is saying) How will this happen?

Their assumptions were not put into the FLUP document, but the only way I see this can happen is for every lot in Keller that is 2 acres or more to be magically evenly subdivided into exactly 1 acre lots with no remainder. 

That is not the vision of Keller that the Public gave in Public Input!!!

This FLUP is a travesty of developer bias. 

Keller needs to return to a FLUP that contains strictly the Public's Will.

I urge all Keller citizens to completely reject this biased FLUP until it reflects the will of the people.  In my mind, that means a total rejection of Mixed Use that contains ANY High Density housing!!! 

No Condos!  No Townhomes!  No "Brownstones"!!!  Not in Our Keller!

I will fight to keep the low density priorities that the residents gave input for.  Keller is a jewel and should remain a beautiful place to live.

I urge all reisdents to email your strongest letters of dissatisfaction to immediately!  The two Public Hearings on the FLUP are May 21st and June 4th.  This is your last window to voice your strongest denunciation of this developer-driven, high density biased Future Land Use Plan.  After June 4th, the FLUP will be cast in stone and will not be revisited again for probably another 10-20 years.  This FLUP can and will be used by City Council as a defense to grant these highest density developments anywhere in Keller.

Protecting our Keller from profit-hungry developers is a constant battle.

Ie, in the consultant’s minds and this FLUP, Keller’s future does not contain any lot as large as large as 2 acres.  This table is saying that every large lot and house will have its house demolished and be subdivided into R-36 or smaller.

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