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*I am a pragmatic, get-the-job-done kind of engineer with a perspective for both practicality, out-of-the-box thinking and a servant's heart.


My history is aircraft design, but my consulting has given me solid experience in many industries.  I have designed hips & knees for Zimmer, nuclear fuel rods for Westinghouse Nuclear Fuel, giant wind turbines for Vestas, and much more.  I bring this broad experience to the residents of Keller.


I spent 11 years at Bell Helicopter, notably spearheading the V-22 "60 Day Study" which redesigned the V-22 nacelle in 37 days and got it reinstated as a viable aircraft after the two crashes in 2001.

I spent 3 years designing wind turbines for Vestas Tech R&D with our staff of 95% PhD, and I spent 10 years writing and selling software around the world for companies such as NASA, Mobil Oil, Kenworth, Peterbilt, Freightliner, General Motors, 4 nuclear facilities, etc.

During the rains of this fall, one new Keller resident opened the door of her house to move into it (moving trucks behind her), but found it flooded.  A portion of the water was from a neighbor's private drainage easement that was blocked and overflowing.  The city cannot use its resources to improve private property and the owner of the house with the blocked drainage was 75, had no money and couldn't fix it.  They didn't need a lawyer or a drainage plan.  They needed a shovel.  So I spent the best part of a day digging the drainage easement clear myself.

Another resident called me to highlight a drainage problem that flooded and totaled his car.  I was onsite in 10 minutes, saw that a developer had blocked a city drainage easement.  I took pictures to Town Hall, interrupted a meeting, had a crew on site within the hour and sent the developer the bill.

I retired in 2014 because my Mom had a health emergency.  So I spent most of the next 5 months in Roanoke, VA where she was bedridden.  She finally was able to have surgery, recover, and I moved her to Keller, TX.

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