Oops. Mea culpa.  I made a mistake.  Please forgive me.   Around Feb 2, I replied to about 150 residents about the FLUP because they had written mayorandcouncil objecting to it.  In my response, I unfortunately included the sentence highlighted  in gray which referred to my re-election campaign which was about to begin.  

Bad me.  Very sorry.  I was reminded the following week that using city resources for campaigning is not allowed.  So directing folks to a web site I hadn't touched in 3 years was wrong.  Having a city email and campaigning is new territory for me, and I made an oops.  So the following Monday I went to the City Secretary and filed a report against myself with the Texas Ethics Commission - and I am the second person in Texas history to do that!  I am so transparent, I'll rat myself in when I am wrong, even if it's a relatively tiny wrong.  Please forgive me. 

Late March, I received their response shown below.   In the 3rd paragraph it says "The complaint appears to allege that, as an officer or employee of a political subdivision, you spent or authorized the spending of public funds for political advertising, in violation of section 255.003 of the Election Code. ...  In addition, please note that "political advertising" does not include an individual communication made by email but does include mass emails involving an expenditure of funds beyond the basic cost of hardware, messaging software, and bandwidthTherefore, the complaint does not state on its face facts that, if true, would constitute a violation of a law enforced by the Commission and does not sufficiently indicate the manner and means by which the violation allegedly occurred."

So, no harm. No foul. No violation of TX law.  But lesson learned though. Thank you for your gracious understanding.

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