My real estate partner was the President of the Southlake Chamber of Commerce, and he knows what it takes to bring businesses into a city.  My first election, my platform was bringing good, new businesses into Keller.  Three years later, Keller has almost 200 new businesses!!  I have no self interests except the ones that will  benefit Keller residents. I want to listen to the people and I believe we can do better for Keller.



I might have personal opinions about various things (and I do!), but those have to take a back seat to public input. 

I believe and want for the significant decisions facing City Council, Council should:

  • Educate taxpayers on the issues; and

  • Get feedback from them; and

  • Vote accordingly.

This has never been more apparent than in the Future Land Use Plan (FLUP).  The extensive Public Input section of the FLUP was largely ignored and Mixed Use high-density added, as Wendy Shabay, the FNI consultant said, "because we talked to a lot of different developers".  This is terrible.   The FLUP is to belong strictly to the People.  The State gave us this document for planning:


Downloaded from https://www.cityofkeller.com/home/showdocument?id=9069

Page 27 & following:



Chapter 4—Introduction to the Comprehensive Plan

Public Participation

Two things to remember about a comprehensive plan: first, have one; and second, keep in mind that the plan belongs to the citizens in the community, and not the staff, consultants, committees, or elected and appointed officials who prepared it. In that light, citizens should be aware of and involved in the development of the plan as early as possible, understand what is to be involved in its preparation at strategic junctures, and recognize that the city will use the plan on a continuous basis for growth- management.

I have fought, and will continue to fight for your voice to be heard at Town Hall over the incessant voices of developers.


Look at the new businesses that have come into Keller in the past 3 years!!

              2016                                                 2017                                          2018

  8 new restaurants                       6 new restaurants                       14 new restaurants

23 new retailers                           22 new retailers                            26 new retailers

19 new offices                              45 new offices                               30 new offices


These not only make our lives better, they reduce our property taxes. 

By state law, cities cannot make a profit on homeowner property taxes, but they can and do profit from businesses!

Good businesses are money machines that reduce our taxes.  These include great businesses like Sam's, Hampton Inn, Boca 31, Sunny Street Cafe and the Dent Tennis Academy.  Commercial Recreational like the Dent and Sky Creek Golf is all sales taxable and each provide park-like settings, but we don't pay for them through taxes.  Did you know that so far 9 families have moved to Keller because of the Tennis Academy, and recently one girl came here from RUSSIA to train with them!   People moved to Keller from Antigua, New Zealand, 2 families from Canada, and a bunch from other states have already come here to train with the Dents, and more are waiting until they open. The Dents have put Keller on the map!  Of course, the increased demand to live in Keller near them increases our home prices.

The Hampton Inn is progressing well in its construction and Keller will receive 7% Hotel tax on room revenue from it?  Did you know that the Denton location of Boca 31 (a new restaurant in Town Center) has over 500 reviews with a PERFECT 5.0 in reviews?  It is delicious!  Try it out!  I ate there last night.  Try out all of the new restaurants in Keller.  Rush Bowls and Sunny Street Cafe in front of the Moviehouse are open now.  Try them!  Recently, I highlighted the new businesses in Town Center on my facebook page.

Keller has a median household income of $115k.  Southlake is $173k.  Westlake is $250k.  Watauga is $58k, the same as the average TX home.  That's right. Keller has TWICE the household income than the average house in Texas.  But we don't have a some of the well known businesses that neighboring cities have.  One large reason is because we don't have the traffic.  Businesses are attracted by traffic (a double-edged sword) and disposable income (which we are in good shape on).  Southlake Town Center gets 100,000 cars/day. The highest traffic location in Keller gets only 36,000 cars/day.  It's a Catch-22.  Attracting businesses is also a team effort between many people in City Hall and Chamber of Commerce.  The engineer in me wants to make traffic flow more easily and safely so we can attract businesses without getting frustrated in gridlock.


Keller has a wonderful and diverse array of housing available.  Housing is not a one-size-fits-all affair.  Homeowners have spent great care and savings creating the homes of their dreams.  I want to protect homeowners, first and foremost, by listening to what kind of developments they want around them.  Things that don't fit, don't belong.  I don't want homeowners to have to be frustrated feeling that they are not adequately represented by City Council.  I know that residents don't want their city over populated and trapped in gridlock. I support the current zoning laws and have NO vested interests with developers.

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