Thank you for letting me serve you for these 3 years.
Look what the first term accomplished:
►I spearheaded and pushed to establish Reserve Funding.  This is a HUGE shift in city funding. This allows the city to set aside cash for expensive, depreciating capital assets such as fire engines, roofs, a/c systems, etc. In the past, the city had to borrow using bonds to pay for these things. Now we pay cash for almost all our expenses. The last two fire engines that we bought were bought with CASH!  First time ever!  This saves taxpayers LOTS of money each year and is transformational in giving the city financial freedom.
►We reduced the tax rate for 3 straight years, and last Sept, we made the largest tax rate reduction in Keller history. It was so large we are $1.73 per month per household of being tax neutral (just $21/yr more than last year!).
►Despite that tax reduction, we paid an additional $5.6M principal to our loan and PAID OFF the 20 year old bond that built Town Hall and allocated $1.6M for Keller's new Senior Center - our next great new addition to Keller that can happen without a tax increase!   Plus, we set aside another $1.2M to prepare to have self-insured health insurance which will be another huge savings. Those are amazing statistics!
►We added almost 200 new businesses in the last 3 years, shifting the tax burden away from homeowners property tax $.  We added $1.2M sales tax in 3 years.  That's $1.2M that we don't have to pay in our property tax!
►Your City Council finally had the guts to stop "kicking the can" down the road and started replacing the all-important Alta Vista Pump Station that supplies half the water to North Keller. This pivotal pump station has been on its last legs for about 10 years and if it were to stop for any reason, it is likely that it would not be able to be restarted.   If it fails, the repercussions have been described as a "Flint Michigan" incident in Keller.   We will not impose this large risk on our residents.  Our outstanding new Director of Public Works, Alonzo Linan, has guided us through half of this $11M critical project without significant setbacks.  I could not be happier about this.

May 4th

Municipal ELECTION DAY!!  Go vote for Eric Schmidt & Greg Will!!

April 22nd - 30th

Early voting!  Go vote for

Eric Schmidt & Greg Will!!

Mar 5

Nothing happening!

Dec 2015,

Council approves spending $4.6M ($350/home, 5% of city's annual budget) subsidizing Old Town. As a council member,  I would have solicited input from citizens as to which they wanted more from this money: this or miles of trails, debt reduction, or something else?


MAY 4th,

City elections. Please vote for

Eric Schmidt & Greg Will!!

TBD dates to

Meet and Greet at


6:00 pm and on.

April 22nd

Early voting starts!  Go vote for

Eric Schmidt & TBD!!





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